• Training and being a dad

    Training and being a dad

    This is my little man Jack. He's a real animal and I love him for it.  To state the obvious, he has changed my life in so many ways.  I'd like to say that the second he was born I fully graduated into adulthood, but I didn't.  It's been much more gradual than that.  It wasn’t so much getting used to the sleepless nights, episodes of relentless crying, diapers and all the fun stuff that comes with a newborn.  The difficult part was getting used of my new role in life, assuming a new responsibility and trying to be better in ways that I didn’t quite understand yet.  It’s been a real process.  I’m not saying I have it all figured out, but I’m on a damn good roll with it.  

    I feel like being a trainer, helping others identify and pursue goals while also maniacally chasing my own, has been a big help to me in these regards.  Having a 400lb deadlift probably won’t make me a better father, but chasing after it and putting in the work to achieve it does.  This means identifying my strengths, accepting my weaknesses, knowing when to back off and when to step it up. 

    This might seem a bit of a stretch, comparing squats to being a dad, but to me it just comes down to working to be better.  Even if I don’t get smarter or stronger today, if I gain more patience, well that’s progress too.