• Meat, oh glorious Meat

    Meat, oh glorious Meat

    This is my recent haul.  Every time I place an order, I get a little too excited.  I’ll check the tracking online a few times a day; even call my P.O. Box to see if it’s come in yet.   I really like my meat.  

    I eat protein with every meal, so it’s really important to me to have high quality meat.  That means grass fed pasture raised.  I’ll skimp on a lot of things, like cleaning products or my wife’s brand name crackers, but meat I will not.  Lucky for me I found a small farm located in upstate New York that sells very high quality meat at a pretty affordable price.  I’m hooked.  You should check it out, it called Meadow Raised Meats, a woman named Wendy runs it all by herself, and apparently she really cares about her livestock.  She told me so herself.

    The health benefits of grass fed meat versus it’s crappier cousin, factory feed-lot meat is overwhelming.  We seem to all know about the anti-biotics, growth hormone and so-on, but what’s another really important factor is the quality of the fat.  Yes there is less of it in grass fed meat, but more importantly it’s better for you.  Fat is a storage locker.  So when a cow eats crappy food, is pumped full of drugs and hormones, well, guess where that goes.  In the fat.  And you eat it.  Not to mention, fat from grass fed meat has 2-4 times more omega 3’s (good) and far fewer omega 6 (bad).  To read more about this and other health benefits, check out this article.  While you're at it, here's another good post on high protein diets.

    I’m writing this now with a belly full of porter house steak and a huuuge salad.  I’m feeling pretty awesome.